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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Audi r8

 Among the major head turners in 2006 car shows was the 2006 Audi R-Zero Concept car. Audi has truly outdone itself with this one. The supercar exemplifies the perfect union of the dynamism of sports car designs and the importance and respect it gives for the environment. How's that you might ask? The Audi R-Zero is an electric car.

So if you think all environmental friendly hybrids and other cars are boring and attractive, the 2006 Audi R-Zero Concept car will definitely change your mind. The original concept was a product of the minds of an ingenious group of students hailing from the International School of Design, ISD France. The R-Zero sports car will be equipped with four electric in-wheel motors as its engine. Each engine will be powered by lithium-ion 800 volts batteries that are capable of releasing great mass of power, not less than 450 watts/kg in fact. The supercar will have an estimated weight of 2.2 tons (4,850 lbs), given that the batteries will weigh around 1,200kg and the four engines around 340kg, plus the body weight and accessories. Torque is expected to reach 2,168 lb-ft while horsepower is set at around 1,091 hp at 12,900 rpm. With individual batteries providing power to each individual engine, the sports car is estimated to go at a top speed of 460 km/h (286 mph), with the fast car capable of going from 0-100 km/h in less the 3 seconds. Now, who's going to say that an environmental friendly, electrical-powered car is sissy?

The great thing about the R-Zero sports car are the engines themselves. Not only do the engines protect the environment by not consuming fossil fuels, the electrical motorization is able to transmit great power to the engine as well as bring out high reactivity.

But the R-Zero has more to offer. Now the Audi R Zero Concept is actually a concept car that has its foundations in the popular two-seater sports car Audi TT and the supercar Bugatti Veyron. The car itself was made using a superstructure that allows air to flow and cool the motor and the brakes. The airflow creates a steady aerodynamic support as well. These attributes and characteristics, of course, brought forth the supercar's optimum performance.

One of the fast car's major attributes is a front latticed grille with a chrome frame where you can find the Audi emblem. The front headlights are made from LED technology and are divided into three separate parts, each made to serve specific purposes. If you look at the R-Zero's curves and design, you will have a Zen like impression of calmness, but at the same time will be affected by the car's voracious nature appeal.

The electric car's wheels are also unique. The 5-wide-radial wheel discs are basically massive. They have been set in low-profile Michelin tires. The large air-cooled disc brakes with red colored brake stirrups can be clearly seen from the spokes of the radial wheel.

Given its specifications, the 2006 Audi R-Zero Concept car is by far the most revolutionary car that came out in the past years. The technology behind this supercar will be astonishing and accomplishing it will be a great feat, both for man and Mother Nature.


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